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Open data for public sector organisations

My talk from #wmod10 on slideshare  Wmro open data talk View more presentations from Andrew Mackenzie.

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PEW Research Center Report: The Impact of the Internet on Institutions in the Future download PDF   When complex business models collapse Clay Shirky on why online video will not generate enough revenue to support the cost base of existing TV companies. [T]here are two ways to generate a profit: raise revenues above expenses, or […]

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Journalism in April

Follow the money. Tools for reporters investigating companies The Investigative Dashboard, or ID, is a space for investigative journalists and citizen reporters to find resources, share information, and learn new ‘tricks of the trade’. ID is not, however, just a collection of tools and tips. It is also part of an international initiative to encourage […]

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Digital Economy Bill

JP Rangaswami to the music industry: The Digital Economy Bill: Be Careful What You Wish For   BBC: Call for ‘fuller’ debate on Digital Economy Bill   The debate in Parliament Download Tera consultants Building a Digital Economy report PDF “The substitution rate represents the number of units that would likely have been sold if […]

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The Internet Manifesto

Is a modestly-titled list of propositions about ‘how journalism works today’ produced by 15 German bloggers and journalists Internet Manifesto.It’s pretty good at challenging mainstream media’s attempts to protect failing business models and traditional position as information gatekeeper. A piece by one of the authors in the Guardian.It’s also given to rhetorical conceit. Some of […]

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Argentine philosophy professor Horacio Potel faces criminal charges and a possible jail sentence for posting  translations of Jaques Derrida’s work to his website for his students. Via Boing Boing and More New Zealand scraps Controversial ‘3 Strikes’ Anti-Piracy Law which would have led to alleged copyright infringers being disconnected from the internet A major new report published by the Rowntree Trust on the database state via Open […]

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Newspapers: Seattle Post-Intelligencer ends printing. Staff cuts, continues as web-only publication iPod headphones aren´t DRMed, just controlled by a proprietary chip that you have to license Guardian Tech OFCOM sets out challenge of broadband Britain More James Boyle and ‘How extending copyright term in sound recordings actually works’ with link to PDF […]

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Clay Shirky on newspapers & journalism

“Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism. For a century, the imperatives to strengthen journalism and to strengthen newspapers have been so tightly wound as to be indistinguishable. That’s been a fine accident to have, but when that accident stops, as it is stopping before our eyes, we’re going to need lots of […]

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News: tweet petit

guardiantech Google and PRS in headlock as music videos pulled from YouTube Finally: Oxenford on US webcastcast royalty settlement  US internet radio stations need to file with SoundExchange by 2 April or pay CRB rates Big Picture: London from above at night That’s a lot of lightbulbs. Exhilarating, yes. Sustainable energy use? Big Picture photo journalism: Cambodia […]

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Digital Britain: watch and listen

The Digital Britain report is open to comment until 12th March. On 24th February NESTA hosted a conference on delivering Digital Britain. Many of the key players were present. Video and audio is now available. It is an extraordinary opportunity to see the development of public policy enacted. Watch and listen. NESTA delivering Digital Britain I’ve seen Carter’s […]

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