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Soupmix for 2012-05-13

Call for Entries: $1 Million African News Innovation Challenge http://t.co/iGbIIu9M # Independent: How spending cuts delivered the double dip http://t.co/fZyPoopi # RT @jjn1: Blog post » In banking, Hypocrisy rules OK http://t.co/2bZTAntP < JP Morgan, Dodd-Frank, regulation #

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Soupmix for 2012-05-07

RT @digiphile: “@Facebook’s nearly 1 billion users have become the largest unpaid workforce in history”-@doug_laney http://t.co/AV5S4rEJ # Carr/Benkler: did commercial or peer production win on the web? Carr http://t.co/LpII7I9v Benkler http://t.co/l9o3y69q # RT @Liberationtech: “Google tracks you. We don’t.” An illustrated guide by @DuckDuckGo http://t.co/rgHA2hj8 # A Crash Course in Data Journalism from @jonathanstray http://t.co/3ED5HdCP […]

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Soupmix for 2012-05-06

Open data and journalism: How and why journalists should be digging for stories http://t.co/UmCQdW1t #journalism (via @journalismnews) # The Hackday Manifesto #devcsi #dev8d #devxs http://t.co/v3Q0WrPx (via @josswinn) # Mobile Security for Journalists – The Essential SaferMobile Survival Guide http://t.co/y037IyuD # World Press Freedom: how technology is expanding the definition of “journalist” http://t.co/G0FyOAT6 #WPFD (via @NiemanLab) […]

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Google in April

  Google Maps Navigation video UK Google has enabled the turn-by-turn GPS navigation on all devices running Android version 1.6 or later   Out-law: Privacy commissioners collaborate on anti-Google action   Privacy watchdogs from 10 countries from around the world have written to Google to protest at those parts of its services that they believe […]

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Reading, libraries, eBooks

Guardian: the battle of Britain’s libraries. New Birmingham library features Like public parks, libraries are particularly valuable in capitalist cityscapes, where you are incessantly encouraged to keep moving, keep spending – and don’t even think about doing anything economically unproductive. (Figures released by the Valuation Office Agency last month showed that since 1997 there has […]

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Data visualisation

Google’s Public Data Explorer The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand. You don’t have to be a data expert to navigate between different views, make your own comparisons, and share your […]

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Google in higher education

Paul Canning reports News that Portsmouth Uni has moved all of its students into the cloud with free, multi-lingual access to an advertising free version of Google Apps, including webmail with 7gb capacity, online documents, spreadsheets and calendars, chat and collaboration and site building functions.A win-win in the cloud for UK Public Sector? We’re going […]

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August #2

Downloading Annual University of Hertfordshire survey on music consumption. Two views: Trade body UK Music, who fund the survey “Music consumption in 14-24 year olds is complex, latest survey reveals” UK Music Torrentfreak “14-24 year olds pirate 8,000 music tracks each” Torrentfreak   Digital Britain Programme for the delivery of actions in the DB White […]

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July #4

Free Malcolm Gladwell eviscerates Chris Anderson’s Free. Saving you time as well as money bit.ly   OFCOM Consultation to reform the rules around commercial radio & local content tr.im Consultation on liberalising the rules concerning ownership of local media tr.im   Newsgator, Google and RSS Newsgator: option of paid-for ad-free desktop readers. Synch via Google. […]

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Google Wave

A roundup of first reactions Read Write Web: Google Wave hands-on http://bit.ly/mh4cv Preview video http://wave.google.com/ Cameron Neylon on Wave and Open Science http://bit.ly/rQnoI Jeff Jarvis on Wave and News http://bit.ly/1aApdj Google Wave Drips With Ambition. A New Communication Platform For A New Web.www.techcrunch.com

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