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Soupmix for 2012-05-15

“Critical Questions for Big Data” paper by @zephoria & @KateCrawford published in Info, Comm, & Society http://t.co/VWjGXYoX (via @zephoria) # There is still time to send a paper to next month’s IP & technology law Unconference in Edinburgh http://t.co/2Tuzk3pb (via @technollama) # The hard part of solution journalism is agreeing on the problems. http://t.co/zJDVzqMc (via […]

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Soupmix for 2012-05-13

Call for Entries: $1 Million African News Innovation Challenge http://t.co/iGbIIu9M # Independent: How spending cuts delivered the double dip http://t.co/fZyPoopi # RT @jjn1: Blog post » In banking, Hypocrisy rules OK http://t.co/2bZTAntP < JP Morgan, Dodd-Frank, regulation #

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Soupmix for 2012-05-08

RT @newsycombinator: 55,000 Twitter passwords leaked http://t.co/FFkbsz4t # Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO)’s first Impact Report. £2.1 million spent,19 staff. One pie chart http://t.co/3fxvQf47 # Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO)’s first Impact Report. Spent £530k on events, 5 firms relocate http://t.co/QlXTKS6o # RT @ProPublica: Pink slime is just the beginning. Check out our collection of […]

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Soupmix for 2012-05-06

Open data and journalism: How and why journalists should be digging for stories http://t.co/UmCQdW1t #journalism (via @journalismnews) # The Hackday Manifesto #devcsi #dev8d #devxs http://t.co/v3Q0WrPx (via @josswinn) # Mobile Security for Journalists – The Essential SaferMobile Survival Guide http://t.co/y037IyuD # World Press Freedom: how technology is expanding the definition of “journalist” http://t.co/G0FyOAT6 #WPFD (via @NiemanLab) […]

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Digest for 1st July

140Kit: an Open, Extensible Research Platform for Twitter http://bit.ly/c6haGC ‘Linking museums: machine-readable data in cultural heritage’ Shooting Star, E1 7JF. http://bit.ly/azFpF3 Notes from #tsbmeta event and TSB call for proposals on metadata & digital content > http://bit.ly/dCjslF (via @jasonhall) Congrats @ushahidi & @swiftriver! SiLCC is a cloud based service for extracting relevant keywords. http://bit.ly/dkOz3J Thanks […]

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Journalism in April

Follow the money. Tools for reporters investigating companies The Investigative Dashboard, or ID, is a space for investigative journalists and citizen reporters to find resources, share information, and learn new ‘tricks of the trade’. ID is not, however, just a collection of tools and tips. It is also part of an international initiative to encourage […]

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Local democracy

Council decision-making is ‘more secretive today than ever’ – Roy Greenslade Guardian April 15th Political Studies Association paper J Morrison: Spin, smoke-filled rooms, and the decline of council reporting by local newspapers download pdf   Hansard Society report Digital citizens & democratic engagement download pdf   Opening up local election data “As well as the […]

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March #1

Digital Economy BillGuardian: Lords angered over three strikes rule for filesharers iPadY combinator looking for iPad startups JournalismFree manual for investigative journalists Story-based Inquiry Open AccessJISC: How to build a business case for an Open Access policy The new report shows how universities can work out how much they could save on their profit and […]

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October #5

ArchiveBFI partners with Blinkbox to broadcast classic British films online New Media AgeJISC Report: Digitisation of special collections: Mapping, assessment, prioritisation How are we to know that digitisation is serving the needs of the Higher Education community and is sustainable in the long-term? Resource Shelf ConsultationsDigital Engagement is Everyone’s Job Dextrous webLet’s talk about Government […]

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October #1

ArchiveLegal delays have blown a hole in UK’s digital heritage GuardianJournalismYouTube Video: Clay Shirky on Internet Issues Facing Newspapers from Berkman Centre for Internet & SocietyArs Technica summarizes the Knight Commission report on serving the news needs of local communities local newsRoy Greenslade: Local news start-ups need professional input Guardian Freedom of InformationRight to inspect […]

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