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Orphan works EC report

A conservative estimate of the number of orphan books as a percentage of in-copyright books across Europe puts the number at 3 million orphan books (13 % of the total number of in copyright books). The older the books the higher the percentage of orphan works. When handling requests for using older film material, film […]

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Digest for 1st July

140Kit: an Open, Extensible Research Platform for Twitter http://bit.ly/c6haGC ‘Linking museums: machine-readable data in cultural heritage’ Shooting Star, E1 7JF. http://bit.ly/azFpF3 Notes from #tsbmeta event and TSB call for proposals on metadata & digital content > http://bit.ly/dCjslF (via @jasonhall) Congrats @ushahidi & @swiftriver! SiLCC is a cloud based service for extracting relevant keywords. http://bit.ly/dkOz3J Thanks […]

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February #1

ArchivesA New Issue of Ariadne (#62) is Now Available. See Democratising Archives and the Production of Knowledge Digital Economy BillOrphan works: leading museums & libraries support online access Times: Unlock collections for access to all Ebooks, librariesMortgaging the future of universities the e-book package way Freedom of InformationOut-law: how to appeal an ICO decision: new […]

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October #5

ArchiveBFI partners with Blinkbox to broadcast classic British films online New Media AgeJISC Report: Digitisation of special collections: Mapping, assessment, prioritisation How are we to know that digitisation is serving the needs of the Higher Education community and is sustainable in the long-term? Resource Shelf ConsultationsDigital Engagement is Everyone’s Job Dextrous webLet’s talk about Government […]

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October #1

ArchiveLegal delays have blown a hole in UK’s digital heritage GuardianJournalismYouTube Video: Clay Shirky on Internet Issues Facing Newspapers from Berkman Centre for Internet & SocietyArs Technica summarizes the Knight Commission report on serving the news needs of local communities local newsRoy Greenslade: Local news start-ups need professional input Guardian Freedom of InformationRight to inspect […]

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