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Your blog is broken

I know, thanks. Twitter changed their api and no longer support RSS feeds, which wrecks my low maintenance blog strategy.There is an alternative. All my tweets are in a Pinboard feed at https://pinboard.in/u:DJSoup/public/Sometimes Pinboard is very fast to update, sometimes a couple of days behind. If you want instant follow @DJSoup on Twitter. I have yet […]

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Soupmix for 2012-10-10

Do Not Track: Direct Marketing Association undermine the standard ZD Net http://t.co/ogvnCvdW # RT @MadProf: talk at #Travel2020 "Turning transport data into apps" http://t.co/lsg99on1 <Placr's update from transport #opendata # UK cycle lanes mapped http://t.co/GxPgJjkD OpenStreetMap volunteers improve DfT data # Audit Futures: How can audit and open data help rebuild trust in business? http://t.co/glxy0g3P […]

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Soupmix for 2012-10-09

RT @elazungu: #RHoKSoton has a license to #rhok once more! 1-2 Dec, Southampton, UK, #hacking for #humanity Join us! http://t.co/MWg3bDPd # Traveline National Data Set http://t.co/yYMeUPFl #opendata cc @opendatmcr @opensheffield @mappamercia @OpenMercia # Traveline Public transport timetable data http://t.co/LiAMZFSw #opendata # RT @poljourno: Breakthrough in push for financial transaction tax http://t.co/1Pf69eDy # Thursday 11th @OpenMercia […]

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Soupmix for 2012-10-07

.@okfn blog: The Benefits of Open Data – Evidence from Economic Research http://t.co/YypdTMaz # .@okfn blog: Creative Commons should Drop the Non-Commercial and No-Derivatives Licenses http://t.co/DVQDwYvu #

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Soupmix for 2012-10-06

Guardian interactive: the rise of megacities http://t.co/4qll0vpN and data http://t.co/3pIeVqHW # RT @TalkAboutLocal: Delighted to be a Knight Foundation news challenge:mobile semi-finalist – http://t.co/DYvD8byj # RT @ukgav: Events Aggregation Service "Fourteen" (working title) built at #SmartHack goes Live!: http://t.co/E1Zo4NKF # #opendata #openknowledge Open Innovation http://t.co/40HlWCCx # World Bank: Opening Up Microdata Access in Africa http://t.co/veGmjh12 […]

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Soupmix for 2012-10-05

RT @openstreetmap: Pushpin OSM, a new super-easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor for iPhone: http://t.co/WfIPIJzp # via @CKANproject: new neighbourhood-level #UK wellbeing #OpenData and mapping tool http://t.co/mxAY7ZGk explained # via @MarkPriceDavies @calldritt: GP prescriptions visualised with MapCite #opendata http://t.co/p3c7oFht # RT @calldritt: Need primary care prescribing #opendata Check out NHS IC Transparency presentation level: http://t.co/L0utmTr1 #

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Soupmix for 2012-10-04

Craigslist does maps http://t.co/AxYnADtn #openstreetmap leaflet # #opendata co-production. It's the law. feat @JeniT by @frabcus on @OKFNblog http://t.co/6cMZyqzF # RT @paulbradshaw: 20 places to keep up to date on clinical commissioning and CCGs http://t.co/ZBtNquin #NHS # Universities and the Urban Growth Machine. NYU “a real estate company which also issues degrees.” http://t.co/BSAaR8Tl # http://t.co/lzwNfBxu […]

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Soupmix for 2012-10-02

RT @ostephens @mhawksey: Google would like developers step up and take on Google Refine http://t.co/eCF7iYWx # RT @JeniT: Slides from my #strataconf keynote "Open Data: Dreams to Reality" http://t.co/D27sQ4PW # RT @UKODI: @Nigel_Shadbolt blogs as ODI moves into Shoreditch http://t.co/huxpy5ON # RT @davebriggs: "Introducing today’s release" http://t.co/A7jO6mrc from Government Digital Service # RT @Helen_Barnard: latest […]

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Soupmix for 2012-10-01

DataPoint is a way of accessing freely available Met Office data, suitable for application developers. http://t.co/WXIJvmjf # via @stu_lester: find events nearby from team fourteen at #SmartHack is here http://t.co/89tGSIY5 # Looks like they had a good time with opendata at #smarthack # RT @paulbradshaw: UK aid money: the key datasets you need to know […]

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Soupmix for 2012-09-27

.@BhamSciPark: Digital Plaza expansion :http://t.co/M566g7XF and here: http://t.co/LpNXXVUN #

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