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Soupmix for 2012-05-07

RT @digiphile: “@Facebook’s nearly 1 billion users have become the largest unpaid workforce in history”-@doug_laney http://t.co/AV5S4rEJ # Carr/Benkler: did commercial or peer production win on the web? Carr http://t.co/LpII7I9v Benkler http://t.co/l9o3y69q # RT @Liberationtech: “Google tracks you. We don’t.” An illustrated guide by @DuckDuckGo http://t.co/rgHA2hj8 # A Crash Course in Data Journalism from @jonathanstray http://t.co/3ED5HdCP […]

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September #3

CopyrightBook sharing site Scribd rejects claims of copyright infringement Guardian Creative CommonsCC publishes study on interpreting “non-commercial” under CCBY & CC0 Creative Commons Digital BritainAttitudes to supporting non-BBC regional news from the licence fee. Preliminary findings. DCMS study. FacebookHow exactly is Facebook making money? GuardianHow Facebook tried to put a shine on $9.5m privacy suit […]

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August #4

Digital BritainWatch interview Martha Lane Fox with Robert Peston http://bit.ly/10XE5LAppetite fades for ‘top-slicing’ BBC funding http://bit.ly/19GwGdPeter Mandelson: ‘nothing has been predetermined’ http://bit.ly/LQCU4John Naughton on Lord Mandelson’s intervention: http://bit.ly/RfXHu Edinburgh Television FestivalFull version of James Murdoch’s James MacTaggart speech is here on Guardian: http://bit.ly/QfSkIRobert Peston lecture What future for media & journalism? full text http://bit.ly/RfmNKJournalismInterested AstroTurf […]

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August #2

Downloading Annual University of Hertfordshire survey on music consumption. Two views: Trade body UK Music, who fund the survey “Music consumption in 14-24 year olds is complex, latest survey reveals” UK Music Torrentfreak “14-24 year olds pirate 8,000 music tracks each” Torrentfreak   Digital Britain Programme for the delivery of actions in the DB White […]

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Facebook, cancer, Daily Mail

How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer The Daily Mail This is so bad I thought it was a parody, but I guess the Daily Mail’s science and medicine coverage is beyond parody. For example: “* Yes, loneliness is bad for your health – but only YOU can cure yourself * Drinking just […]

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Facebook: 75% off

Out-law reports: “Facebook considers itself worth around a quarter of the $15 billion valuation on which a Microsoft investment in the company was based. The company considered itself to be worth $3.7bn in the middle of last year, according to court documents.” The valuation emerges from court documents in the case brought by former university […]

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