News: tweet petit

guardiantech Google and PRS in headlock as music videos pulled from YouTube

Finally: Oxenford on US webcastcast royalty settlement  US internet radio stations need to file with SoundExchange by 2 April or pay CRB rates

Big Picture: London from above at night That’s a lot of lightbulbs. Exhilarating, yes. Sustainable energy use?

Big Picture photo journalism: Cambodia and its War Tribunal

Cambodia: how do you visualize 1.4 million dead? Keep scrolling.

Oxford Media Convention 2009, IPPR, transcripts and audio Andy Burnham MP, Ed Vaizey MP, Ed Richards OFCOM

New York Times <has a future> as a news and information platform

New York Times is experimenting with an open API

Don’t forget Tofu (Mac only). Reflows text in columns from any document, system-wide. Simple, improves quality of life

Readability: a bookmarklet which strips the junk from web pages. Reclaim the web for reading

Phorm legal pressure on press criticism. Libel lawyers detect inaccuracies. Stories pulled. The Reg

Ofcom boss backs Phorm advertising model. Privacy traded for broadband investment. No thanks.

The Atlantic on the fate of newspaper journalism. Bleak prospect

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