Digital Economy Bill

JP Rangaswami to the music industry: The Digital Economy Bill: Be Careful What You Wish For


BBC: Call for ‘fuller’ debate on Digital Economy Bill


The debate in Parliament

Download Tera consultants Building a Digital Economy report PDF

“The substitution rate represents the number of units that would likely have been sold if piracy were eliminated.” TERA consultants

This is not research, it’s 68 pages of projection based on an assumption about lost revenue by Tera consultants.

International Chamber of Commerce funds Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting & Piracy, who commissioned the TERA consultants study.



Stephen Timms quoting abjectly bad ICC funded lobbying ‘study’ 9:42 PM Apr 6th

MPs at the debate on 6th April 2010 07:30:10 PM pastebin 40MPs at #debill debate


Digital economy bill: government forced to drop key clauses Guardian


Did my MP show up or not?


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