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Please stop wasting my time and money and just send me the data

Web developer Adrian Short made a Freedom of Information request to Transport for London for journey data from the London Cycle Hire scheme on 8th October. In January TFL released data to some developers. Yet to date TFL have not complied with the FOI request and Adrian Short is one developer who is not able […]

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Argentine philosophy professor Horacio Potel faces criminal charges and a possible jail sentence for posting  translations of Jaques Derrida’s work to his website for his students. Via Boing Boing and More New Zealand scraps Controversial ‘3 Strikes’ Anti-Piracy Law which would have led to alleged copyright infringers being disconnected from the internet A major new report published by the Rowntree Trust on the database state via Open […]

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Newspapers: Seattle Post-Intelligencer ends printing. Staff cuts, continues as web-only publication iPod headphones aren´t DRMed, just controlled by a proprietary chip that you have to license Guardian Tech OFCOM sets out challenge of broadband Britain More James Boyle and ‘How extending copyright term in sound recordings actually works’ with link to PDF […]

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No extension of copyright exemption for mashups

“The Government has responded to a consultation paper published by the European Commission on copyright reform. That consultation asks whether the European Union’s Copyright Directive should be amended to introduce exemptions for ‘user-created content’. User-created content can include individuals’ use of professionally-produced music, film, video or images for a new or different purpose to the […]

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Show us a better way update

The show us a better way competition, which invited proposals for better ways of communicating public information, reports back on the winning entries Lots of interesting mashups with public data. Sadly the Ordnance Survey only temporarily freed up data they control for use in the competition. Shortly afterwards “Ordnance Survey has emailed local government […]

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Media revolution: Tomorrow’s TV

BBC’s Money programme available on iPlayer If you wonder why much broadcast TV seems formulaic, this programme explains why: it’s supposed to be, because the TV formula is an essential part of the business. A TV formula is valuable intellectual property, Who wants to be a millionaire? is a global brand. This programme explains the […]

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Get Carter reports: ‘The Government’s Digital Britain plan is a failure that gives favourable treatment to the music business and props up failed business models, a software trade body has said. ‘The Federation Against Software Theft and Investors in Software (FAST IiS), which promotes the legitimate use of software, has launched a stinging attack on the […]

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Openness in Higher Education

Presentation on Openness, Localization, and the Future of Learning Objects David Wiley, Director of the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning at Utah State University. This  36 minute presentation discusses how tags, blogs, RSS and Google have usurped much of the earlier work  done with repositories. Much of the case he makes about the challenges […]

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‘Choose open standards’ – EU commissioner

In June this year Neelie Kroes, the European Union’s competition commissioner delivered a recommendation that businesses and governments  adopt open systems. The speech was widely seen as a snub to Microsoft and not unconnected with a four year legal battle which resulted in substantial EU fines for Microsoft. “No citizen or company should be forced […]

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iPhone NDA, patents, innovation

Extract “At my company, our lawyers advised us to keep what we considered more-or-less public software under NDA for a very long time because demoing software to someone under NDA, no matter how many people it is, avoids “publishing” the software and any inventions contained therein.  We know Apple’s been building up a patent strategy […]

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