Links to 28th March

  1. RT @CopyrightLaw “European Parliament Rejects Three Strikes and You’re Out Approach” 

  2. RT @CopyrightLaw EFF: “Observations from the Three-Strikes Rumor Storm” 

  3. Digital Britain team publishes responses 

  4. Newspapers: Society of Editors letter to Culture Secretary. Local media, Google revenue, training subsidy 

  5. RT @guardiantech: puts pay wall around streams; except in US, UK, Germany 

  6. RT @psychemedia: so are you looking forward to a future of social network traffic analysis? 

  7. Doc Searls video The Intention Economy: what happens when customers get real power. Progress on VRM 

  8. Archive of choreographer Sobhan Davies work. Video, text, audio, photo. Register, then public access all areas 

  9. London VRM Hub Open Space meeting 30th March VRM in a page 

  10. Doc Searls’ Vendor Relationship Management project . Like CRM, but user controlled. Wiki blog 

  11. RT @josswinn: Wikis in Education bibliography: New: blogs in Education’ bibliography 

  12. RT @guardiantech: puts pay wall around streams; except in US, UK, Germany 

  13. Today is Ada Lovelace day. Blog about a leading woman in technology. 

  14. RT @resourceshelf: EFF FOIA Search Tool Launched for Uncovered Government Documents 

  15. @josswinn Open Calais 🙂 Sooo cool. Huge improvement. And jiscri! BuddyPress looking v sweet too. 

  16. Anyone at #jisc09 interested in the #jiscri funding call? Discuss it here: Work up ideas here: 

  17. @psychemedia have you tried Amadeus for audio editing on Mac?… 

  18. OFCOM: Citizens’ Digital Participation research 

  19. RT @guardiantech: Interview: Andrew Shaw, online managing director, PRS For Music: Rates reform under the spotlight 

  20. RT @writetoreplyhttp://consult.nwregionalst… A Consultation Portal for Northwest England. <Good navigation & help files> 

  21. Communia Reusing public sector data 26-27 March and OKCon 28th March 

  22. RT @CopyrightLaw: “Live Concerts Can’t Support The Existing Recording Industry… Did Anyone Ever Say They Would?” 

  23. Making the Web Work for Science have a new video 

  24. RT @Joscelyn: Protect access 2 medical research gr8 tirade from Nobel prizewinner Richard J. Roberts on Conyers bill 

  25. RT @josswinn: RT @buddypressdev: The new BuddyPress website is now live and built on BuddyPress: 

  26. Ewan Macintosh on 4IP, research, user-centred learning. #jisc09 

  27. MIT Will Publish All Faculty Articles Free In Online Repository
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