Links to 31st March

  1. David Bollier Viral Spiral: readable account of the struggle for the soul of the internet. Open Source, Creative Commons, Open Access education, public domain  

  2. RT @berkmancenter: Doc Searls on VRM . This week’s Radio Berkman podcast with David Weinberger:  

  3. Dan Bricklin: Designing IT in the age of Obama.  

  4. RT @berkmancenter: The Future of Computational Science, live:…  

  5. RT @soundarchive: Spotify v. iTunes – Spotify to start selling MP3 downloads via online music store 7Digital  

  6. Open Rights Group: User profiling, Twitter privacy, Google docs security  

  7. Anyone in UK HE w/ WordPress dev skills want to join us? #jiscri seeking collaborators  

  8. RT @scribomatic: The WGGB blog – news and information for writers: Response to proposal for a digital rights agency  

  9. Twitter marketing going well for #masocialmedia Daily Mail doesn’t get it, again  

  10. RT @wikileaks: NYTimes: Wikileaks and the Guardian v. Barclays censorship attempts  

  11. Creative Commons: $8m Investment in Open Textbook venture  

  12. RT @TalkTalkTips: On the TalkTalk blog: The wrongs of the Digital Rights Agency ISP response #digitalbritain  

  13. RT @cloud_dennis: Reading: Tech rivals in cloud computing clash – Financial Times
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