Links to 11th May

Open Access, the Commons

Berkman Center lecture David Bollier, author of Viral Spiral: How Shall the Commons Be Governed? Challenges Facing the Digital Commons Sector

Via Open Culture: Download 200+ free and top-notch university courses to your mp3 player or computer.


Check out hyperwords Firefox extension. Like reliving your first hyperlink ‘this goes somewhere’ intriguing team sharing possibilities.

Pachube: Building a Platform for Internet-Enabled Environments via Read Write Web #dbuc09 #digitalbritain please note


Ofcom paper submitted to the #DigitalBritain project about the regulation of commercial radio:

Check out Rhubarb Radio: like local radio, run by interesting people

Digital Britain

Six media bosses lobby Carter over copyright enforcement

ISPReview: UK Broadband ISP Users Receive Less than HALF the Advertised Speed

OFCOM: UK’s most comprehensive consumer research lifts the lid on broadband speeds

Write-up from Digital Britain Unconference Nottingham online

Via Charlie Beckett: Recasting The Net: a national series of debates with Polis and C4 on Online Media

Via K Corrick: what’s going on with #dbuc09 look at… +…


Washington Post & Google in talks about a possible collaboration. Good summary of the current state-of-play for US newspapers

NYT:The American Press on Suicide Watch  ‘in the end we will get what we pay for.’

Emily Bell:  Falmouth talk to journalism students

Had a good time at #jeecamp. Thanks Paul Bradshaw for organising the event. Aggregated feeds

Transcripts of Senate hearing The Future of Journalism

Copyright & IP

Economist debate: ‘This house believes that existing copyright laws do more harm than good.’ voting closes Wednesday 13th

Protecting Your Scholarship: Copyrights, Publication Agreements & Open Access [LIVE WEBCAST] Check back for archived stream.

IP watch: Copyright Exception for Legalising File-Sharing is Feasible #EU#digitalbritain

“Panel: Public Domain Fosters Innovation, More Limitations & Exceptions Needed”

“If you can’t buy it legally, of course you’ll download it”

Harvard Team Advocates for DRM Exemption at Copyright Office DMCA Hearing

“DMCA, Fair Use, Documentary Filmmakers and Remixers” DMCA hearings testimony

The Economist Debates Copyright

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