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Links to 15th May

Europe EUObserver: Commission gives Paris a pass over piracy billhttp://tr.im/lmSs French Senate Sets Up Three-Strikes Clash With Euro Parliament http://tr.im/lg3W French Assembly Finally Approves Three-Strikes By Slim Majority | paidContent:UK http://tumblr.com/xle1rl3p1 Digital Britain #digitalbritain UK Intellect response to Digital Rights Agency. Job done http://tr.im/lkgG CNET iPlayer interview: Anthony Rose on bandwidth, iPhone, not P2P, Air, DRM http://tr.im/ljlU Guardian, Rick Wray: that mobile […]

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Links to 11th May

Open Access, the Commons Berkman Center lecture David Bollier, author of Viral Spiral: How Shall the Commons Be Governed? Challenges Facing the Digital Commons Sector http://bit.ly/OTzjd Via Open Culture: Download 200+ free and top-notch university courses to your mp3 player or computer. http://bit.ly/4XS2T Technology Check out hyperwords Firefox extension. Like reliving your first hyperlink ‘this goes somewhere’ http://www.hyperwords.net/ intriguing […]

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