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August #3

EducationHow long does it take to create one hour of eLearning? http://bit.ly/EeLbNScholarly publishing with WordPress http://bit.ly/kW34Q CensorshipNew Scientist: worldwide government initiatives to block, filter and control the internet http://bit.ly/1WesNZ Google Book SettlementBBC on Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo signing up to Open Book Alliance re Google Book Settlement http://bit.ly/tuSSkPeter Brantley and the Open Book Alliance – […]

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July #3

Zimbabwe Guardian activate video: resisting repression in Zimbabwe with web media and text messages bit.ly   Online privacy via Resourceshelf: How to read a privacy policy  tr.im   Who pays for news? Columbia Journalism Review: Who pays for news? Their paywall will deter some readers.. bit.ly Gruber on David Simon’s Columbia Journalism Review piece on […]

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July #1

  France, copyright and internet access Hadopi 2 Passes French Senate twurl.nl    Information design “Building Better White Papers” bit.ly  DFID policy document, summaries, video, links to ways of being active. Offers users a choice of levels of engagement with policy from one location.   Internet Radio Pandora: ‘The royalty crisis is over!’ Tim Westergen on […]

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Links to 4th June

Democracy, EU EU elections: how to vote? What do the parties stand for?  A tool which helps you decide from Unlock Democracy  www.votematch.co.uk Open Rights Group survey: Do your MEP candidates care about digital rights? www.openrightsgroup.org Open Rights Group: MEP survey results and contact info euelection.openrightsgroup.org Democracy, UK UK Hansard survey: how do you use the net […]

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SoundExchange and NAB agreement

Update 22.02.2004 No news as of 22nd February on the outcome, or existence, of  royalty negotiations for other webcasting organisations. This for legislation which authorised agreements reached before 15th February. ———————————- Radio and Internet Newsletter reports SoundExchange and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have reached an agreement on webcast royalties for commercial broadcasters’ simulcast […]

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Spotify: listen up

Spotify may be the future of music. As of February 10th the Spotify music service is open to the public, so you don’t need an invitation to register. Sign up quick. Free with ads, or ad free £10.00 month www.spotify.com/ … and the record companies force them to remove tracks … “Spotify has been forced […]

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Simson to Pandora ‘put ads in the stream’

Interview with John Simson, head of SoundExchange, the US organisation responsible for collecting royalties for music performed via non-terrestrial radio (web, satellite) and distributing those royalties to artists. Context: in the US terrestrial radio broadcasters over AM and FM pay nothing in performance royalties (unlike the UK). Satellite radio stations XM and Sirius pay a […]

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Senate hearings on music royalties

In the US, the Senate has been holding Judiciary Committee hearings on music royalties. Is internet radio on track to be a $20 billion (that’s billion) advertising market, as claimed by John Simson of Soundexchange? Or is internet radio a fledgling industry, likely to collapse under the burden of royalty payments imposed by the Copyright […]

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