Links to 4th June

Democracy, EU

EU elections: how to vote? What do the parties stand for? 

A tool which helps you decide from Unlock Democracy

Open Rights Group survey: Do your MEP candidates care about digital rights?

Open Rights Group: MEP survey results and contact info

Democracy, UK

UK Hansard survey: how do you use the net to connect with your MP or Parliament?

Freedom of Information

Full Text Book: Freedom of information: a comparative legal survey (2nd Edition)

Information design

Sidenote from @arc90 used to fully annotate Moby Dick

OU podcast where Tony Hirst discusses WriteToReply:


Is Twitter dominated by men?

New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets


OUT-LAW: Copyright treaty backing e-books for disabled readers survives US and EU resistance

Harvard Business School working paper: File Sharing and Copyright

Privacy, data collection

KnowPrivacy: The Current State of Web Privacy, Data Collection, and Information Sharing


Google Tracks Users Visting 92% of the Top 100 Websites

Google Squared is now live — try it out for yourself


“YouTube holds out after UK body drops music streaming fees”

Guardian: How is thinking outside the jewel case

Digital Britain

FT: Media chiefs urge tougher action on internet piracy. ISPs to enforce



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