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Links to 27th May

China, US Internet Statistics: China logging on – shanghaiist.com interesting, v. diff profile from US Digital Britain Damian Tambini raises net neutrality as a potential loss in the Carter plan www.prospect-magazine.co.uk Samknows: project to map UK Broadband notspots www.samknows.com Research shows there are 3 million UK homes that need faster broadband under gov plans news.bbc.co.uk […]

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Links to 18th May

Music Limewire – thoughts on their prospects based on a recent interview jeremy1.wordpress.com Publishing Tipping point: Cambridge University Press rescue www.guardian.co.uk and Scribd store www.nytimes.com O’Reilly: Scribd opens storefront for ebooks radar.oreilly.com Espresso on-demand book printer. With video bookshop.blackwell.co.uk Internet and Society CCTV schemes in city and town centres have little effect on crime, says report […]

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Argentine philosophy professor Horacio Potel faces criminal charges and a possible jail sentence for posting  translations of Jaques Derrida’s work to his website for his students. Via Boing Boing  http://bit.ly/u38aD and  http://bit.ly/ZLPTg Morehttp://bit.ly/2OL2D New Zealand scraps Controversial ‘3 Strikes’ Anti-Piracy Law which would have led to alleged copyright infringers being disconnected from the internethttp://tinyurl.com/d86ra6 A major new report published by the Rowntree Trust on the database state via Open […]

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Pirate Bay trial

Trial of The Pirate Bay interests a readership estimated at 22 million. Plaintiffs in the case include Warner Bros, MGM, Colombia Pictures Industries, 20th Century Fox, Sony BMG, Universal and EMI. Guardian Paid Content UK The Register BBC coverage includes the claim by a lawyer representing media firms, also aired on Channel 4 News, that […]

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Senate hearings on music royalties

In the US, the Senate has been holding Judiciary Committee hearings on music royalties. Is internet radio on track to be a $20 billion (that’s billion) advertising market, as claimed by John Simson of Soundexchange? Or is internet radio a fledgling industry, likely to collapse under the burden of royalty payments imposed by the Copyright […]

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