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From the eCampaigning Forum at Oxford

Rob McKinnon open data and innovation video

Judith Orland of Oxfam Germany talks about open data for the digital campaigner video

Rolf Kleef interviews Graham Covington about how Engaging Networks is adopting open data and open source video

Duane Raymond Open Data at the eCampigning Forum video

David Kane talks about open data and the charity sector video

Chris Butler-Stroud of the  Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society talks about open data marine life and conservation video

Netroots NW Photo collage

30 seconds, 720p HD Netroots UK is for progressive online activists. We want to create a space for developing online campaign skills, making new contacts and coming together to discuss strategy.

Netroots collage from Andrew Mackenzie on Vimeo.


Clifford Singer Challenging the Right

Talk at Netroots NW by director of Social Spark design agency and campaign director of False Economy.

Using the internet to hold mainstream media to account. Holding crony capitalism to account. Beware of filter bubbles. Build a social network so we can meet and collaborate.

Clifford Singer at NetrootsNW from Andrew Mackenzie on Vimeo.

Rachel Gibson Social Media and Political Change

talk at NetrootsNW.

Research findings on the use of online campaigning by political parties. How political organisations and modes of activism are being reshaped by digital and social media.

Rachel Gibson NetrootsNW from Andrew Mackenzie on Vimeo.


Open Data Government Camp Interviews

Martin Kaltenböck & Florian Bauer on energy and linked data.

Energy & linked data from Andrew Mackenzie on Vimeo.

Talking about data resource energy search and energy visualisation