About this blog.

Who? The author is Andrew Mackenzie. I am a researcher and consultant working at the intersection of policy, web media and innovation.

Keywords: open knowledge, open data, transparency, innovation, mapping, research, focus groups, usability, social media, design, documentary, community work, journalism, radio, visualisation, information design, education.


A member of the Open Data User Group

A founder member of Open Mercia, the open data user group for the West Midlands

Not getting on with editing video of my interviews with people in the open data world

Need to finish mapping allotments in openstreetmap

What happens here? There are video interviews and a digest of links which is updated most days. I link to stuff I found useful and you might find useful as well.

I used to teach part-time at Coventry University. Between 2007 and 2009 I taught modules for an undergraduate Multimedia BA degree and postgraduate Media Production MA. Some of us used blogs to support our teaching. I started posting topical links, originally from RSS feeds, later from Twitter.

Why keep posting links? Good question. I thought it would be a low maintenance way to share links. It’s also a set of social bookmarks arranged over time.


You can contact me at


Twitter @DJSoup