SoundExchange and NAB agreement

Update 22.02.2004

No news as of 22nd February on the outcome, or existence, of  royalty negotiations for other webcasting organisations. This for legislation which authorised agreements reached before 15th February.


Radio and Internet Newsletter reports

SoundExchange and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have reached an agreement on webcast royalties for commercial broadcasters’ simulcast and Internet-only online streams.
NAB members get a discount for 2009-10 on rates previously announced by the Copyright Review Board. Rates increase @ 10% a year thereafter.

Some background: The NAB represents traditional over-the-air commercial radio stations. Increasingly they offer internet streams as well. NAB have opposed attempts to introduce royalty payments for broadcasting music (such as we have in the UK).
The March 2007 CRB ruling gave FM radio and Sirius XM lower royalty rates than internet radio.

No news yet on Small Commercial Webcasters or Digital Media Association (DIMA) whose members include Yahoo, Real networks, Live 365 and Pandora.

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