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Soupmix for 2012-05-16

Publishing #core free access to scholarly publications http://t.co/prWgCm66 #openaccess# #core free access to scholarly publications iOS app out, and gets a mention from info docket http://t.co/1G30nkqX (via @ostephens) # Flipboard adds sound, now accessible for visually impaired users http://t.co/2xmhh839 ht @covert# The Ebook of My Dreams http://t.co/SEhU132E < sounds a lot like a website. Ask a librarian not a […]

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National debt and taxation: some international comparisons

Some visualisations from the US site Visual Economics. http://www.visualeconomics.com GDP vs national debt by country http://www.visualeconomics.com/gdp-vs-national-debt-by-country/ How wealthy countries tax their citizens http://www.visualeconomics.com/how-do-wealthy-countries-tax-citizens/ From Catherine Mulbrandon at  http://www.visualizingeconomics.com/ Tagline: ‘making the invisible hand visible’ Percentage of income going to the top 0.1 percent in five countries 1913-2004 http://www.visualizingeconomics.com/2007/03/14/comparing-income-of-top-01-percent-in-five-countries/ US Income of Top 0.1 Percent vs Marginal […]

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