Digest for 1st July

140Kit: an Open, Extensible Research Platform for Twitter http://bit.ly/c6haGC

‘Linking museums: machine-readable data in cultural heritage’ Shooting Star, E1 7JF. http://bit.ly/azFpF3

Notes from #tsbmeta event and TSB call for proposals on metadata & digital content > http://bit.ly/dCjslF (via @jasonhall)

Congrats @ushahidi & @swiftriver! SiLCC is a cloud based service for extracting relevant keywords. http://bit.ly/dkOz3J

Thanks @johnsheridan for Henry Maudslay analogy: linked data as interchangeable nuts & bolts http://bit.ly/a7SCr0 #tsbmeta

Wall Street Journal: Top 20 U.S. colleges by return on your investment http://on.wsj.com/9pLTar (via @openculture) All private except for one.

This article reflects a failure of US education policy, presented as an investment choice.

Sad that public education only makes one entry in this league, a reflection of public under investment. This  league table can also be viewed as a representation of how inequality is perpetuated. Who pays $180k in college fees and then contributes to endowments which ensure the relative advantage of the institutions they attended? Wealthy people. Also sad that debate is framed by using return on investment (for the individual) as the measure of value for higher education.

Stourbridge, Halesowen, Dudley News strike averted @journalism_news http://bit.ly/dsvGSZ

New York Times shuts down hyperlocal experiment: http://bit.ly/cqyYQx

Lots of video interviews with #activate2010 speakers http://www.guardian.co.uk/activate Summit


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