Digest for 2nd July

Transparency Board (sameday) response on openness of local spending data http://data.gov.uk/blog/work-local-spending-data

“10 Principles for Linked Data in the Culture Sector « Linked Data for the Culture Sector” http://is.gd/dcHcL

Announcing the Birmingham Hacks & Hackers day http://bit.ly/98Y4AU #opendata

WordPress adds audio posts: phone it in. http://bit.ly/9eT7yW

mySociety is to be the recipient of $575k grants http://bit.ly/deNfSj

Public expenditure & contracts: New York City: Checkbook NYC (Beta) http://bit.ly/aDJ68j

Blogged: The open spending data that isn’t http://bit.ly/9WWn4W #opendata #localgov

First screenshots & video of Diaspora social network http://bit.ly/coherE

Linked Geo Data http://icio.us/2vsxqx adding a spatial dimension to the web of data #osm

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