August #2


Annual University of Hertfordshire survey on music consumption. Two views:

Trade body UK Music, who fund the survey “Music consumption in 14-24 year olds is complex, latest survey reveals” UK Music

Torrentfreak “14-24 year olds pirate 8,000 music tracks each” Torrentfreak


Digital Britain

Programme for the delivery of actions in the DB White Paper published

BIS Consultation on the proposed changes to Ofcom’s duties


Higher Education

Joss Winn: Comparing ‘The Edgeless University’ and ‘HE in a Web 2.0 World’ reports

Peer to peer university launches. Deadline to sign up is the 26th –


Creative Commons

Publications now available from Google Books. Coming to a reading list near you.

Lessig, Doctorow, Boyle and Zittrain



Superb mapping service for OS maps in the UK –



Unlocking Audio 2009 conference programme, videos and papers now online: metadata, archive & social  media



Lost Remote: Neighborhood blogs drive participation in city planning 



Discover the top 100 open innovation organisations across the globe, compiled by NESTA


Facebook takeover of Friendfeed

Scoble, your blog still loves you – Dave Winer on FriendFeed et al.

Scoble is excited

Friendfeed users in the research community less so. Cameron Neylon: The trouble with business models (Facebook buys Friendfeed)


URL shortening

The shortening service, from Nambu network, was suspended and reinstated:

It’s a problem. For example, shortened urls on this blog will stop working if the service is withdrawn. What to do? John Gruber wrote his own url shortner. There are couple of WordPress plugins which offer shortening. But as Dave Winer points out, Twitter could easily extend the character limit to 140 characters excluding the url, or make shortened urls portable



Concerned about privacy? Considering opting out? The Onion reports


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