Digital Britain Unconferences

Unconferences so far: Oxfordshire, Humberside, London. Cambridge next

Note for the Birmingham Unconference

Preparation: it would help if people could read the report from the Oxford unconference beforehand. They may want to develop some of those themes or introduce new ones. I can report back on the first meeting.

Reporting from the London unconference should be available shortly.

Suggest we use the Write To Reply version of DB report for reference

There is some danger of fragmentation into numerous wikis and blogs. If people would link to the and sites it would provide a point of contact for people joining the discussion.


We need to develop a coherent response by 15th for feedback to DB from all the unconferences.

Then, recognising that the final DB report is not going to match aspirations of users or producers in the digital media sector, start thinking about

1.what kind of ongoing campaign will be needed to influence policy in UK and EU 

2.what we can do ourselves to implement a social and economic vision for the Web.

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