Links to 30th April


Obama: 100 days. Net neutrality commitment and the broadband stimulus

UK: comment on the Home Office’s ‘Protecting the public’ communications consultation:


“Not Smart: Warner Music Issues DMCA Takedown On Larry Lessig Presentation”

Swedish ISPs Obstruct New Anti-Piracy Legislation by not storing user data

EU Telecoms Package

EU telecoms vote 5th May: find your MEP

IPtegrity: Telecoms Package Internet sell-out now agreed disappearing Amendment 138. Text of Trautman/Harbour deal.

Reuters: EU reaches draft deal over Telecoms Package –

IPtegrity: New EU Council threat to Internet users rights

Telecoms Package: Council of EU imposing Net Discrimination in Europe

EU set to vote to remove neutrality from the net, give ISPs and govts the power to arbitrarily block site


Kindle readers are older = newspaper readers via Niemanlab

“Justice Dept. Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Books Deal”

Google Deadline Delayed Four Months as Steinbeck Motion Granted

Consolidation in the EBook Market: Amazon Acquires Stanza

User interface

TinyRead firefox addon improves reading on the web

TinyRead browser bookmarklet also improves reading web pages on mobiles


Nielson study : 60% of new Twitter users fail to tweet again after a month

Education – JISC podcast on aims and background to JISC/Academy Open Educational Resources Pilot Programme

Huge, categorised list of opencourseware – something for everyone

The Independent: UK Universities student satisfaction ratings

Connected University report

Journalism 2.0

Journalism 2.0: Don’t Throw Out the Baby





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