Mobile video: HD cameras

This blog does not, of course, carry out product reviews or recommend any products. But I know you want to read about new kit. So I’ll link to some product reviews, whilst making broad cultural assertions about the future of mobile devices.

Starting with David Pogue in the New York Times reviewing the Flip, a pocket sized video recorder. He really liked it. Review

You can also watch some footage from the video link on that page. It explains the benefits and shows the camera in action, but it’s like watching a children’s TV programme.

For contrast, try a really demanding review with living-room production values. the Creative Vado and Flip get the sceptical tech treatment. This guy is not easily impressed. Velour sofas. It’s an authentic tech review.

Review of Creative Vado and Flip video recorders

Promising newcomer: the Kodak Zi6.

HD 720p 16:9 at up to 60 frames per second. SD cards up to 32GB. Records directly to H.264 format.

Check out the skateboarding dog

Is the one on the skate ramp real? Is it cruelty? Does the dog have an agent?

OK what’s my point?  Promising, but I want a review with velour sofa production values.

Broader cultural point: we can spend a lot of energy looking at mobile platforms for distribution of professionally produced content and miss the cultural shift. User-generated content produced using mobile devices has driven Youtube, social media and sometimes news gathering. Phones, not proper cameras. HD pocket video cameras are going to drive that process further.

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