Digital Economy Bill and Digital Britain in March

Digital economy bill likely to be pushed through before election
Guardian 05.03.2010

Copyright is not the only thing that matters online, says Bill Thompson
BBC 02.03.2010

Music Week: Clause 17 voted down in Lords
The industry is celebrating that non P2P infringers are being dealt with in the Digital Economy Bill, after the House of Lords voted through an alternative amendment to the controversial Clause 17
Music Week 04.03.2010

A thorough assessment of the Digital Economy Bill from @paulcarr
NSFW: Hey, America! Our draconian copyright law could kick your draconian copyright law’s ass
Tech Crunch 07.03.2010

ISPs, publishers and academics voice outrage at web-block plan

Plans to introduce a law that will force internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to websites accused of hosting copyright-infringing content have been condemned by ISPs, publishers, consumer groups, user rights groups and academics.

OUT-LAW 10.03.2010

Leaked UK record industry memo. Insight into #DEBill lobbying
Boing Boing 12.03.2010

Digital economy bill: what you need to know
Guardian 22.03.2010

BBC: Gordon Brown superfast broadband & mygov speech
BBC 22.03.2010

PM’s speech on line now: Building Britain’s Digital Future
Number 10

European Digital Rights on disconnections and the #DEBill

US and UK approaches to broadband planning contrasted by Ofcom

Technology Strategy Board
Inspiring Innovations for Digital Britain
Webcast presentations 31.03.2010

Copyright crackdown bill could block ‘any website’
ZDNet 31.03.2010

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