September #2

Digital Britain
Featured Artists Coalition opposes disconnections policy ISP review
Split in the organisations representing musicians. FAC vs Musicians Union, PPL Observer
The BIS consultation on disconnections ends on 15th September.
FT: UK government to approve TV product placement Uturn

David Byrne “… scariest for publishers I guess, is that inevitably someone will hack the Kindle (or other formats) — and the books will become shareable… and copiable and infinitely reproducible, just like MP3s.”

Mobile phones in Japan may be installed with software to block music piracy
Video: The Worst Anti-Piracy Ad Ever? –

Higher Education
With some academics giving their time + free software you can start a university. Courses have begun at Peer to Peer University
Interview with Michael Wesch “A Sense of Purpose” in EduCause. on use of social media and video in higher Education. Note, however, that you can read the extract in a couple of minutes. The podcast takes longer.

Internet Radio
Start-up Mixcloud is invitation-only at present. Register to try it. Runs in the browser, social media features. Mixcloud

FT on London Twitter-based start-ups See also, hypecycle Gartner report. And don’t try to build a business which depends on Twitter.

Fox network and Judge Sotomayor inauguration
“With journalists being laid off in droves, ideologues have stepped forward to provide the “reporting” that feeds the 24-hour news cycle. The collapse of journalism means that the quest for information has been superseded by the quest for ammunition.” The Atlantic
Linked data and journalism: what’s the future? Paul Bradshaw (Birmingham City University and Help Me Investigate) chairs the discussion.

Open Government
Re-usable data in the Home Office
Non-personal datasets published by the Home Office
Clay Shirky, Government 2.0 The social psychology of crowdsourcing…
Government 2.0 Aneesh Chopra: Agencies to publish engagement plans+release machine readable data

Research tools
Colin Meek: How to customise your browser for effective online research

Social Media, history of
100 years ago, postcards were microblogs. Poor punctuation + ungrammatical form sparked moral panic: fyi, this is a Daily Mail link.

25 Useful Data Visualization and Infographics Resources

WordPress & education
Slides from Joss Winn’s ALT_C 2009 presentation. WordPress Multi-User: BuddyPress and Beyond

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