August #3

How long does it take to create one hour of eLearning?
Scholarly publishing with WordPress

New Scientist: worldwide government initiatives to block, filter and control the internet

Google Book Settlement
BBC on Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo signing up to Open Book Alliance re Google Book Settlement
Peter Brantley and the Open Book Alliance – throwing the book at Google

“The real reason why the major labels love Spotify” Labels OK. Artists ‘earn about the same as busking’.
From Telegraph Tech: Spotify to make ‘significant’ revenue for UK record labels ‘within six months’
Good news for internet radio: skipping tracks is not an ‘interactive service’ US judgement

Digital Britain
Internet cut-off threat for illegal downloaders
BIS press release on file sharing disconnections

NewsTrust launches Smart Feeds: news stories by journalists on Twitter & trusted sites.
Birmingham Post faces threat of going weekly: Trinity Mirror has confirms review
“Dissociated Press” James Boyle FT column on news and journalism business

BBC: people who engage in media “multitasking” are those least able to do so well, according to researchers

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