Links to 14th April

British Library: 7,000 music, spoken word and environmental tracks for free listening. 9,000 more for UK Universities

Public Knowledge explains the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). What it is and why it matters.

FT: Internet privacy: As Google launches ‘interest-based’ ads, consumers and regulators are increas.. summary of recent privacy and behavioural advertising issues

Phorm: European Commission concerned the UK does not have an independent national supervisory authority dealing with interceptions.

OUT-LAW: UK’s privacy laws illegally inadequate, says Europe

Alan Mutter: Newspaper web sales lag by every measure.<Wrong kind of advertising>

Newspapers and the internet: Web metrics and the false impression of the power of online. UK pages: 17% viewed online

Nieman journalism lab: only 3% of newspaper reading is online

Goldman Sachs argues “Facts about Goldman Sachs” blog infringes intellectual property rights (Banking Times).

“Intervene in the Google Books Settlement” Under the existing settlement Google would gain a monopoly of orphaned works. Academics open letter to the judge argues for orphaned works to revert to public domain.

Wikileaks: Classified US, Japan amp; EU ACTA trade agreement drafts 2009. Now search, copy, link Goes OpenData. 200 million govt data records. Campaign finance, lobbying, more

Paid Content: Hyperlocal Sites Ready To Fill Lost Newspapers’ Vacancy—Except For One Thing

Wikileaks:Secret US, EU, Japan, Aus, Canada intellectual property trade agreement leaked

Sunlight labs APIs Competition, prizes for developing accountability apps for Congress.

Sunlight Foundation: Mockup of real-time lobbying disclosure

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