Things You Really Need to Learn

“[W]hat should you learn? Your school will try to teach you facts, which you’ll need to pass the test but which are otherwise useless. In passing you may learn some useful skills, like literacy, which you should cultivate. But […] schools won’t teach you the things you really need to learn in order to be successful, either in business […] or in life.”

1. How to predict consequences

2. How to read

3. How to distinguish truth from fiction

4. How to empathise

5. How to be creative

6. How to communicate clearly

7. How to learn

8. How to stay healthy

9. How to value yourself

10. How to live meaningfully

Stephen Downes writes about online learning, content syndication and new media. This is a talk he gave to high school students.

1 to 7 apply directly to this course. 8,9,10 are not bad either.

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