Coventry Conversations 2009


The excellent Coventry Conversations series of talks by media insiders continues.

The winter season features Jon Blair, Nick Davies, John Oucho, David Moorcroft, Andrew Mackenzie, Peter Ogden, Jon Snow, Peter Barron, Richard Keeble, Bob Satchwell, Roger Cook, Martin Lewis and Andrew Vallance.

Practitioners and academics in an hour of talk about contemporary issues in media.

For the lecture topics, dates, venues and a little background on the speakers, download the flyer.

Flyer as PDF (84k) coventry-conversations09


I’m talking on the 29th January on ‘After newspapers, what future for journalism?’.

Newspapers are not going to survive in their present form. A long history of declining readership, a deep recession and web technologies are combining to eliminate national and regional newspaper titles. Magazine publishing is not exempt.

Print revenues are in steep decline and the web does not produce significant revenue for publishers.

What prospects for journalism as a profession? What strategies should students and educators consider?

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