News organisations and linked data

10 Reasons Why News Organizations Should Use ‘Linked Data’

  1. Linked data can boost SEO (search engine optimization).
  2. Linked data allows others to link to your site more easily.
  3. It helps you build services based on your content.
  4. It enables other people to build services based on your content that you could profit from.
  5. It allows you to link direct to source.
  6. It helps journalists with their work.
  7. It throws bait over the pay wall.
  8. It makes data associated with your content dynamic.
  9. You could become a “canonical reference point.”
  10. It raises the bar for all.

“A web of linked data is a more intelligent web. A more mature and less superficial web. Not quite a semantic web, but getting there.”
Martin Moore of the Media Standards Trust


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