August #4

Digital Britain
Watch interview Martha Lane Fox with Robert Peston
Appetite fades for ‘top-slicing’ BBC funding
Peter Mandelson: ‘nothing has been predetermined’
John Naughton on Lord Mandelson’s intervention:

Edinburgh Television Festival
Full version of James Murdoch’s James MacTaggart speech is here on Guardian:
Robert Peston lecture What future for media & journalism? full text

Interested AstroTurf lobbying analysis? See this article on US health care
Gmail may hand over IP addresses of journalists

Documentary on Hans Rosling Be inspired.
Deschooling society by Ivan Illich ( version and eBook)
Google Apps for Education: ePortfolio and Formative Assessment Workflow:

Higher Education: sponsorship opportunity
Buy a college-themed casket for your death!

EU funded P2P network develops next generation internet TV &
Innovation boost for UK business as companies invited to bid for £6m investment

Google Book Settlement
Open Book Alliance on the Google book settlement http://www.openbookalliance…
Pamela Samuelson: The Audacity Of The Google Book Search Settlement

Jeffrey Sachs: The financial crisis one year after

The Social History of the MP3

Wired: “Wikipedia to Color Code Untrustworthy Text”

OUT-LAW: Facebook promises to clarify privacy policy and allow more user control

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