Links to 15th May


EUObserver: Commission gives Paris a pass over piracy bill

French Senate Sets Up Three-Strikes Clash With Euro Parliament

French Assembly Finally Approves Three-Strikes By Slim Majority | paidContent:UK

Digital Britain #digitalbritain

UK Intellect response to Digital Rights Agency. Job done

CNET iPlayer interview: Anthony Rose on bandwidth, iPhone, not P2P, Air, DRM

Guardian, Rick Wray: that mobile broadband plan in full

The question is not whether we are going to deploy new infrastructure; the question is “who will own it?”

US research: Broadband policy: beyond privatization, competition and independent regulation

C4/BBC world agreement ‘by 16 June’

Report from the Independent Spectrum Broker published today

50% of off-peak traffic P2P. UK Film Council lobbies for disconnection

ISPA response to creative industries call for filesharing disconnections

“UK ISPs refuse to play Internet copyright cops”


Charlie Beckett: Jarre ‘experiment on credibility of new media..indicates that online is better at correcting than MSM’

PWC study says people will pay for news

Community Funded Reporting: Spot Us 6 months on via @NiemanLab

Open Access, Creative Commons

Science Commons’ John Wilbanks podcast on Knowledge Interoperability brilliant

Peter M-R: Trust in scientific publishing scientific societies, Elsevier / Merck ‘journal’

A Copyright Story – moral: scientists – don’t give up your copyright, it’s not necessary

Berkman Center lecture: David Bollier on Governing the Digital Commons

New Bloomsbury science series [published under noncommercial creative commons licences] :

Music, P2P

University league table: international ranking by copyright infringements

P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business –

FOI, Open Government

Guardian, Roger Smith: Protect the private and make transparent the public

Justice Minister tells ZDNet UK: FoI to apply to private cos doing public sector work

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