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Making sense of numbers

BBC News Magazine is running a series by Michael Blastland on making sense of numbers: interpreting data, research, media coverage. Surveys & media coverage Myth of counting: the economy, growth, recession Michael Blastland is the author, with Andrew Dilnot, of The Tiger That Isn’t: Seeing Through a World of Numbers

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iPhone NDA, patents, innovation

Extract “At my company, our lawyers advised us to keep what we considered more-or-less public software under NDA for a very long time because demoing software to someone under NDA, no matter how many people it is, avoids “publishing” the software and any inventions contained therein.  We know Apple’s been building up a patent strategy […]

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Free software usability

Matthew Paul Thomas has a piece which tries to get to grips with the causes of poor usability in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). He doesn’t dodge the problems and their origin in FOSS development methods and the rewards for participating in FOSS. He also has proposals for tackling the problems. Free software usability […]

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