Time Management

Randy Pausch on time management. Lecture at University of Virginia November 2007. Video 1hour 16 mins.

Why? Time management is vital to study, especially part-time study.

What do I get for over an hour of my time? Enough tips to save hours a week of wasted time, for the rest of your life.

Some important lessons for life. Like? To focus on the important objectives, forget the things that don’t matter. And then advice on how to put this into practice.

Available from ‘iTunes University’ as a video podcast from Carnegie Mellon University.
I’ve asked the class to try iTunes U to consider the interface and podcast subscription model. Where people face restrictions on installing software, or have objections to using iTunes, there are several alternatives.

Youtube. Search term: Randy Pausch time management. (This is quicker than looking for it on iTunes, but subscribing may offer other benefits.)

A page of links celebrating the legacy of Randy Pausch’s work, lectures and presentations is maintained by Dr. Gabriel Robins at
Read this first if you need more context. Once you have watched the video, if you wish to re-cap the lecture slides are available as a PDF (12Mb) from there.

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Pausch

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