Dore ‘miracle cure’

Winford Dore: ‘Dyslexia- The Miracle Cure’

Kenny Logan is a rugby player who has suffered from dyslexia. On BBC 4’s You and Yours he talks about being labelled as thick at school, the struggle to conceal his disability and the excitement of learning to read. He attributes his reading achievement to the Dore method. It is mentioned at the end of his interview. Note also non-commital comments by the Chief Executive of the British Dyslexia Association.

You and Yours

Kenny Logan interview


Ben Goldacre on How to market a miracle cure 24.05.2008


The study- Ben Goldacre’s commentary 04.11.2006


You and Yours website


On Friday 23.05.2008 the Dore company, based in Kenilworth Warwickshire, closed it’s UK operation with the loss of 50 jobs and placed the company in the hands of advisors.

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