Dore on R4, transcripts available

Face the Facts: The Dore Programme: controversial treatment for
dyslexia has gone bust.’ Broadcast on Friday 15th August.

In which we learned that:

Dorothy Bishop, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology at Oxford University has a colleague who uses the Dore Balsall Common study as a training exercise for undergraduate students. This was also the primary purpose of looking at the Dore research for the course I teach. Then it became a news story.

Kenny Logan, who has frequently endorsed the Dore programme as helping with his dyslexia, is a director of Dore’s parent company – Camden Holdings Limited.

Transcript of the John Waite’s investigation now available from this link. BBC Radio 4

Transcript of You and Yours 19.05.2008 interview with Kenny Logan.

From the archive

“On Friday 23.05.2008 the Dore company, based in Kenilworth Warwickshire, closed it’s UK operation with the loss of 50 jobs and placed the company in the hands of advisors.”

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