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Fast broadband

Think broadband on expected OFCOM announcement Up to 100 Megabits fibre optic BT will have to make its new fibre-optic network, which it intends to build over the next three years, available to its rivals on a wholesale basis, but the regulator’s proposals will ensure that it can make money out of it. Observer […]

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Write to reply update

Something wonderful is happening around the Write to reply site. In addition to the WordPress plugin which allows people to comment on the Carter report Digital Britain, there is a a bunch of developer activity: Netvibes, different visualisations of the comment cloud, experiments with iPhone and ebook readers …  a whole ecosystem of democratic engagement […]

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Facebook, cancer, miracle cure

Update on the social-networking-causes-health-risks story. Previous post here Ben Goldacre and Dr Aric Sigman on BBC Newsnight discuss Sigman’s paper with Jeremy Paxman. Also featured, the views of Professor Susan Greenfield, source of The Daily Mail story: Social websites harm children’s brains: Chilling warning to parents from top neuroscientist ‘Social networking websites are causing alarming […]

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Facebook, cancer, Daily Mail

How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer The Daily Mail This is so bad I thought it was a parody, but I guess the Daily Mail’s science and medicine coverage is beyond parody. For example: “* Yes, loneliness is bad for your health – but only YOU can cure yourself * Drinking just […]

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Editors discuss the future of newspapers

Charlie Rose programme: discussion on future of newspapers Time cover story writer Walter Isaacson, the Daily News’ Mort Zuckerman and the WSJ’s Robert Thomson discuss the future of newspapers on the Charlie Rose programme. Watch video via link from Direct link to full programme 55 minutes. Newspaper piece starts at 28 minutes. Nicholas Carlson […]

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Media revolution: Tomorrow’s TV

BBC’s Money programme available on iPlayer If you wonder why much broadcast TV seems formulaic, this programme explains why: it’s supposed to be, because the TV formula is an essential part of the business. A TV formula is valuable intellectual property, Who wants to be a millionaire? is a global brand. This programme explains the […]

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Pirate Bay trial

Trial of The Pirate Bay interests a readership estimated at 22 million. Plaintiffs in the case include Warner Bros, MGM, Colombia Pictures Industries, 20th Century Fox, Sony BMG, Universal and EMI. Guardian Paid Content UK The Register BBC coverage includes the claim by a lawyer representing media firms, also aired on Channel 4 News, that […]

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Nic Carr on newspapers

Nic Carr talking a lot of sense about the coming concentration of power in the hands of a few remaining players in the news industry. ‘Supply side adjustment’ means fewer jobs and fewer titles. Then ad revenue can recover and subscriptions become possible. News doesn’t want to be free. News wants to be paid for. […]

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Comment on Digital Britain report

Jack Schofield has a Guardian piece  linking to a WordPress site which allows you to comment on the text of the Carter report. How excellent. We will.

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TV on the web. Find it, watch it.

TV on the web. Find it, watch it. Bobbie Johnson, Guardian Tech on some new playlist features for the Blinkx video search service: Blinkx ‘inform me’ service Some people are very excited about Boxee, which gives users a single interface to access all the photos, video and music on their hard drive “on a laptop or connected to […]

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